The term “terrace gardening” is used to describe two types of gardens. It could be gardens established on a terrace, patio or roof of a house or a garden built on top of a raised “terraced”” bed on the hillside. These types of gardening are mostly found in the urban areas, due to limited gardening space.

Terrace gardening has several limitations associated with it, so in this article, we will be discussing the some general problems associated with this kind of gardening and ground maintenance.

Problem of heat: Terraces are mostly made of concretes or tiles, and these radiate a lot of heat. Thus the sun exposure will be quite harsh on your plants.

Insects and pests: there is the problem of bugs and insects, they love to feed on plants and in time they destroy it. So you should use insecticides and bug sprays to scare them away. However only go for products that won’t have effects on your plants.

Insufficient nutrients: Due to the soil limitations of terrace gardens, nutrients might not last long. So you should always apply fertilizers at intervals to aid the plants.

There is also the problem of wind exposure and low humidity, these also affects the plants and the soil. It is advisable to use loamy soil that drains water well.

It is also advisable to regulate watering the gardening. Over-watering might have adverse effect on the soil composition.

These are some of the problems associated with terrace gardening, we also proffered some solutions. Hope it helped?

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