Gardening as an art has been one of the main occupation of man from the beginning of times. This is the cultivation of a field of land known as a garden for the purpose of raising plants like shrubs, vegetable, flowers, primarily for recreation or as an hobbies.

Civilization on its own has made the art easier and pleasurable to perform through the provision of modern day tools. There are lots of tools that are use for gardening. Some of these includes: Spade, Wheelbarrow, Forks, Pruner, Hori Hori, Shovel, Hoe, Bucket, Watering can, etc. Some of these tools are for tending, and digging the soil, while the others are for watering the crops planted.

In an attempt to prevent the proliferation of tools, and to reduce cost there has been some kind of arguments among gardening lovers, and equipment manufacturers as regards which gardening tools can be regarded as the best multipurpose tool.

Every gardener know that he can use a particular tool for many purposes, but settling for a particular one as the best can be a very tough task, because every tool has its own limit, as regards what it can do and how it does it well.

There are however, some tools that a lot of gardening experts and practitioners agrees to as a must have in their equipment room. Chief among this is the Hori Hori tool. This tool has the ability to dig, weed, and cut.

The Hori Hori tool can be regarded as the best multi purpose gardening tool, because of the multi functionalities.

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